5 Things You need to know about YOU

Let’s face it, we all want to wave a magic wand and be at our goal weight for the rest of our lives and never have to think about it again. Right?! PIE IN THE SKY! The reality is that you did not gain weight with the wave of that magic wand! I guarantee that your weight gain was directly connected to the events that have taken place in your life whether it be going to college, getting married, having a baby, getting that new promotion that you worked so hard for, divorce, health crisis, and/or the loss of someone or something. This is why keeping a journal is CRUCIAL TO YOUR SUCCESS!

Keeping a journal is not just to right down every morsel you put into your mouth! NO! It’s about keeping track of the things that are happening to you and around you that cause you to put those morsels into your mouth!!!! AH HA!!!

Trust me, people don’t eat just to eat! There is always a driving force behind the urge to over eat.
Five Things You Will Learn About Yourself By Keeping A Journal:

1. Your triggers: Food, People, and Emotional
2. Your habits: Good and Bad
3. How your body responds to food both physically and emotionally
4. What motivates you
5. Who and what sabotages your progress

I challenge you to pick yourself up a journal today and start writing. If nothing else, writing is very therapeutic. I require all of my clients to keep a journal and they are always glad that they did!

With love, compassion, and non-judgement,
Kimberley Locke


The Journey To A Better YOU

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