What Are You Focused On?


Have you ever stopped to think about what you are focusing on daily?  Are you focusing on your family, your job, your kids, your money, or your weight?  What are you focused on?  Do you know?

As a health coach, I teach my clients that health is a total body affair: mind, body, and spirit.  You can not have good health, and more importantly happiness, without focusing on all of YOU!  Most of the time we focus on what’s going on around us instead of what’s going on inside of us.  It’s true!  Whether, we are trying to lose weight, save money, or find a new job.  There are always external factors that cause us to get off track.  We focus on our circumstances or what others are doing, or not doing, allowing other peoples actions to determine how we will feel and act.  Does this sound familiar?  How many times have you allowed a co-worker or spouse to derail your plans?  We all have done it.  What if when someone did something that upset you, that you decided to NOT let them ruin your day?  Imagine what that would be like!?  I want you to know that if you would only focus on what the NEXT right thing is for you to do regarding any situation or person, you will be a much happier person.  You can not find true happiness outside of yourself.  Not to mention that is one tall order to expect someone else to make you happy all the time.  You must learn look within yourself and know that you can have happiness everyday if you focus on you and doing the next right thing for yourself and those around you.

Think about how you can begin to take care of yourself and become a happier person.   Whether, it’s a walk in the park, writing in your journal, or making yourself a healthy meal….all of these things can feed you in a positive way.  So why not try to shift the focus on you, even if it’s just for 5 mins a day.  You will be happier for it.

With love, compassion, and non-judgement,

Your Coach,

Kimberley Locke


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