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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

images-36How many times have you set out to lose weight only to come upon some obstacle before you get started?  We have all been faced with this at some point or another.  Statistics give us hard evidence that we all start out with good intentions.  This ABC News article states that while the New Year is the best time to get a new membership, 60% of those memberships go unused! http://abcnews.go.com/Business/year-black-friday-gym-industry-now-time-find/story?id=12503698.  Holy moly!  The gyms rake in the dough come New Year’s!  What happens?  Weight-loss is not just about food and exercise.  The biggest obstacle when it comes to shedding those unwanted pounds, is changing your mindset.  The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but the mind is also very powerful.  Think about it, how easy is it to talk yourself out of something, or into something for that matter.


How many times a day do you say something negative about yourself?   Things like, “My arms are fat.  I’m too tired and out of shape.  I can’t do that.  I’m too busy.  I will never be able to do that.”  These are ALL negative messages that set you up for failure!   How long has this been going on?  Way too long!  I want to empower to change your mindset.  When you become conscious of your thoughts and replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts you WILL change your life!  The negative thoughts must be shut down if you are going to achieve successful, permanent weight-loss.  That will sometimes mean shutting the person down who is speaking negative comments to you!  You need to surround yourself with positivity.  Things that are uplifting to your soul.  Changing your mindset isn’t much different from changing your food.  You replace a bad food with a good food; replace a negative thought with a positive thought!  Instead of looking at weight-loss with an attitude of deprivation look at with an attitude of success.  You are giving yourself and your family the gift of life!  You deserve to live a long healthy life.  You can do this!

With Love, compassion, and non-judgement,

Kimberley Locke